Conigital and Helixx to co-develop simplified AV technology

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A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by Helixx, an EV manufacturing tech company, and driverless vehicle tech company Conigital to develop a next-generation bi-directional AV.

The partnership uses Helixx’s universal vehicle platform and manufacturing architecture to speed up and simplify the current complexities of AV development. Software-led design engineering, combined with Helixx’s simplified architecture and low-cost manufacturing strategies, is expected to enable rapid testing and global implementation.

Currently, Conigital and Helixx are co-developing a suite of AV software and hardware designed to streamline AV development globally. The manufacturing and technology-centric principles embraced by both companies are expected to introduce a future-proofed vehicle manufacturing system, featuring an ‘AV menu item’ or an ‘off-the-shelf AV’. This will be driven by Helixx’s exclusive ‘factory in a box’, with the aim of lowering the barriers to entry for electric autonomous vehicles. The resulting platform will serve as an autonomous-agnostic framework, adaptable for various AV use cases.

Steve Pegg, co-founder and CEO of Helixx, said, “The fusion of Conigital’s driverless technology suite with Helixx’s universal EV manufacturing architecture is a key development in delivering a future where sustainable urban mobility is the norm, underpinned by a core ethos that aims to advance how cities embrace transportation that offers state-of-the-art advanced driver assistance systems all the way up to full driverless mobility solutions.”

Conigital CEO Don Dhaliwal added, “Our collaboration with Helixx is a significant step toward reshaping driverless transportation technology to make it viable for future mass adoption.”

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