Ballard partners with Ford Trucks to develop fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks

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A letter of intent signed by Ballard Power Systems and Ford Trucks will see Ballard supply a fuel cell system as part of the development of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle prototype. Ford will also purchase two FCmove-XD 120kW fuel cell engines which are scheduled for delivery in 2023.

Ford Trucks aims to develop a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) F-MAX, with the 120kW FCmove-XD fuel cell engines set to be integrated into the F-MAX 44-ton long-haul tractor truck. The fuel-cell powered vehicle will be manufactured in Turkey ahead of European Ten-T corridor demonstrations beginning in 2025 as part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe ZEFES (Zero Emission Freight EcoSystem) project goals.

The LOI also outlines that once the project and development program has been successfully completed, Ballard may be named as the preferred supplier for the serial production of the fuel cell-powered F-MAX.

A total of four truck OEMs, two trailer OEMs, suppliers, logistic operators and research partners will work collaboratively in the ZEFES project to speed up the integration of ZEVs for long-distance heavy transportation. In 2025, four FCEV and five BEV vehicle concepts are expected to complete more than 1,000,000km across EU corridors under real-world conditions.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Ford Trucks to facilitate market adoption in Europe. We look forward to validating Ballard as their preferred fuel cell supplier and to support the integration of their heavy-duty truck platform,” said David Mucciacciaro, chief commercial officer, Ballard. “Ford Trucks is an important ‘platform’ win for Ballard and a key partner for our high growth potential truck vertical. We are excited by their ambition toward scaled deployments of F-MAX fuel cell trucks. Our FCmove-XD is an outstanding match for the range, refueling, payload and packaging requirements of long-haul tractor customers.”

“At Ford Trucks, we invest in alternative technologies that will define the automobile industry’s future in accordance with our sustainability aims,” added Emrah Duman, vice president, Ford Trucks. “Electrification, followed by hydrogen technology, is one of our top priorities. Our first fuel cell electric-powered vehicle F-MAX, which we will develop as part of the ZEFES project, will be a significant milestone. We are thrilled to be working with Ballard on this critical project.” 

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