Rimac completes aerodynamic testing of C_Two prototypes

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Rimac Automobili has completed final wind tunnel testing of its C_Two prototypes. Over two years of development, the company’s aerodynamicists completed thousands of CFD runs, using meshes with up to 120 million points (180 million for detailed thermal models), which were then correlated with both wind tunnel and track testing results.

Rimac notes that the C_Two’s aerodynamic performance is not just for stability at speed and drag reduction, but is also vital to ensuring the electric powertrain remains within its operating parameters, both in terms of motor and battery temperatures. Aero development was further complicated by the use of four different active elements on the car, including a movable front splitter, underbody flaps and a movable airbrake.

The company notes that the results of its test program have been encouraging with good correlation between simulated and real-world results and impressively, an improvement in aerodynamic efficiency of 34% over the course of the development process.

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