Porsche Engineering and Vodafone Business introduce 5G infrastructure to enable intelligent and connected vehicle development

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Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network (MPN) has been built at the Nardò Technical Center (NTC) proving ground in Italy by Porsche Engineering and Vodafone Business.

The facility, which is owned by Porsche and operated by Porsche Engineering, is now capable of offering users of the site a real-time communication network for reduced delays, wider bandwidths, increased security and reliability, and faster deployment times.

“At our proving ground in Nardò, we are committed to constantly push technologies to the next level—so our customers can successfully meet the increasing demands of future mobility,” said Peter Schäfer, CEO, Porsche Engineering, and chairman of the shareholder committee, Nardò Technical Center. “With the new 5G network, NTC offers its customers now an even better infrastructure to develop and test intelligent, autonomous and connected vehicles.”

Following the installation of the new mobile network infrastructure, the entire testing center – which covers 700 hectares in the Apulian region and has more than 20 tracks – now benefits from 4G and 5G coverage. With the Vodafone Business 5G solution, the NTC will be able to support users in developing a range of future technologies which include new connectivity options, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle and highly automated driving functions in addition to self-driving vehicles.

The next generation MPN features a hybrid infrastructure which uses a private network fully integrated into Vodafone’s public mobile network. Because of this, private and public coverage is provided at the facility, enabling the local population to benefit from the fast 5G public network, while the NTC’s customers can use the private network for a high level of data security.

In addition to the new mobile network, the NTC can also now provide its customers with a high-performance 1Gbit/s connection for efficient and direct connection to the cloud to enable more data-driven engineering at the site.

“5G mobile private networks can act as a springboard for companies by enabling them to evolve the way they do business,” added Vinod Kumar, CEO, Vodafone Business. “In Nardò, MPN technology enables a facility that resembles an actual smart city, with coverage that is seamless on and off campus for the next generation of applications that will transform transportation and mobility. We’re excited to help the team in Nardò to plan for the future and unlock the business potential with some of our latest technologies.”

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