MobileDrive adopts Siemens digital twin technology to test autonomous drive system

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MobileDrive has used the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and digital twin tech in its ADAS development. According to Siemens Digital Industries Software, its technology enabled MobileDrive to reduce the effort needed for hardware-in-the-loop testing and vehicle analysis, reliably develop software before any physical prototypes were built and, more generally, enabled it to expedite the progress of its autonomous drive systems development.

MobileDrive used a model-based framework to develop the algorithms and software controls for ADAS applications including lane-keeping assistance, emergency lane keeping, lane-following control, auto lane change, emergency steering assistance and autonomous emergency steering.

Siemens’ Simcenter engineering and consulting services team worked with MobileDrive’s specialists to forge a methodology and roadmap for their ADAS vision while developing the control algorithms and building a detailed scenario-based system model including sensors and vehicle dynamics. This systems model was then applied to a virtual test environment, enabling the MobileDrive team to observe vehicles as true digital replicas. They were able to quickly uncover and address system and software performance issues earlier in the development cycle.

“The automotive industry is undergoing major transformations to better satisfy the needs of users in diverse scenarios and enable a more intuitive, seamless in-vehicle user experience, and we have established the key sophisticated technologies and actively collaborated with reliable partners. Thanks to our collaboration with Siemens, we are able to bring our products to market in a much more streamlined, efficient manner,” said Winston Hsu, CTO at MobileDrive.

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