Expeto enhances connected vehicle network control and visibility

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Supplier of Enterprise First networking over private and public mobile networks Expeto has revealed its next level of visibility and control for connected vehicles managed via enterprise mobile networks.

The solution, called Connected Vehicles, is available on the Expeto NeXtworking Platform as a Service, and delivers granular visibility and control essential for next-generation connected car, autonomous vehicle and advanced logistics applications. Automotive OEMs will be able to manage software defined fleets via public networks as an extension of their own private networks.

“Vehicles today are essentially a rolling edge server with hundreds of individual sub-systems,” said Brian Anderson, vice president of product at Expeto. “Many of those sub-systems require cellular connectivity to services hosted in the cloud. Expeto’s unified control plane gives automotive OEMs the ability to configure and monitor data paths between each of those sub-systems and associated backend services that may be hosted in different cloud locations. This is a huge departure from legacy vehicle connectivity solutions that lack self-service networking control and visibility.”

To date, automotive manufacturers have procured managed Internet of Things (IoT) SIM connectivity services on a regional basis to support first-generation connected vehicle services such as infotainment and maintenance communications. Previously, the services were dependent on mobile operator services teams to deploy and troubleshoot cellular networking layer application performance and cybersecurity issues. As connected vehicle use cases evolve and become mission critical, automotive OEMs require full visibility and control as the vehicles traverse 4G, LTE and 5G public networks internationally.

To ensure that safety, automation and efficiency improvements can be made, OEMs require mobile operator-supplied connectivity with self-service networking visibility and control to configure, troubleshoot and secure vehicular cellular connections.

Expeto’s NeXtworking for Connected Vehicles enables enterprise control and visibility across all private and public networks globally, managed from a single pane of glass with a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable complete integration into the enterprise IT/OT frameworks. Furthermore, mobile operators only have to integrate once with the company’s platform to deliver the capability to any automotive or logistics OEM enterprise customer.

The solution will receive updates during the next few months, including support for vehicle integrated voice/telephony and enhanced capabilities for over-the-air SW upgrades to large fleets of connected vehicles. It will also have the capability to create test segments and support for quarantining vehicles commensurate with threat detections.

The open and extensible Enterprise First NeXtworking Platform can be deployed for secure and scalable connectivity behind a corporate firewall, in a private or public cloud, at the edge or geographically remote sites depending on use case requirements. It supports creation of secure network segments, management of subscribers and network policies, and monitoring of network usage and performance.

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