Part 2: What’s the main ingredient of a test program?

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ATTI asks a selection of industry professionals what they would identify as the cornerstone of development at their companies. Next up: Uwe Schneider, head of overall vehicle development and testing, Porsche.

The pinnacle of testing for Porsche is the Nürburgring. This ensures that we deliver on our promise to customers that every production Porsche can be used on any track in the world. The Nürburgring is the measure for the overall setup and the durability of the car. An essential part of testing for every model is a long-term endurance run at racing pace. 

In the winter testing arenas, the requirements for vehicles with regard to low temperatures, chassis and engine application, air-conditioning and heating must be checked. Battery temperature and battery conditioning have a major impact on driveability and range, so testing an electric vehicle at lower temperatures has become even more important.

Porsche tests in the main geographical markets worldwide. The focus is on Europe, the USA and China. Testing in China, one of the most important markets, is becoming increasingly important. The requirements presented by the special traffic conditions in metropolitan areas in China, and thus on our vehicles, can only be mapped in the field. Counter-cyclical hot-weather testing is carried out in South Africa. These tests are conducted on closed test sites and public roads.

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