Active acoustics simulation – what are its benefits?

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Anthony Manias, head of automotive at Silentium, discusses how an advanced active acoustics simulation design and development platform is helping OEMs to develop and optimize the acoustics within their new interior spaces

What is AcustiFusion?
AcustiFusion is a high-tech PC-based software tool kit that helps automotive engineers to capture in-vehicle data, acquire signals from strategically placed accelerometers and microphones and to calculate and realize accurate acoustical modeling of the vehicle during all development and production phases. Once that data is captured with AcustiFusion, it is possible to generate important development parameters and filters to strike a perfect balance between Silentium’s Active Road Noise Cancellation (ARNC), Engine Order Cancelation (EOC) and other Active Acoustics technology algorithms in a new vehicle interior and meet specific targets.

What are the benefits to using AcustiFusion?
This tool allows the developer to use a different number of ARNC system components, e.g. speakers and sensor layouts, by running simulations to predict the performance for each configuration and plot a graph with the expected results promoting accuracy. Project development time is saved, having optimized the trade-off between performance and complexity and/or cost by evaluating several options specific to your circumstances, quickly and efficiently. In addition, real-time vehicle data indications will greatly facilitate efforts in hardware, software and vehicle integration and debugging of any issues. Also, AcustiFusion is intuitive – through the tuning interface, the user can implement integrity check routines to support diagnostics for end-of-line production, vehicle launch phase, and dealer support.

When you say it saves project development time, can you quantify this?
The AcustiFusion tuning tool kit allows for easy and rapid simulation, measurement and evaluation of different options, to optimize the design and calibration of the ARNC system in the vehicle. ARNC measurements and calibrations typically take up a lot of time due to the variety of road surfaces and different speeds. This, plus the possible combinations of vehicle body, interior trim, suspension settings, tires, etc. affect the ARNC final calibration, not forgetting the impact of weather. AcustiFusion significantly eases the pressure on the user by facilitating bench-top scenario simulations, rapid real-time data acquisition and active noise cancellation performance predictions in a shorter time and with fewer miles of driving.

Why has this software technology been developed by Silentium?
To help project and program development engineers and OEM engineering teams to create the perfect interior space with regards to active noise and sounds. Delivering the very best in active noise cancellation quality is the main outstanding attribute of the AcustiFusion simulation technology, but in addition, we developed this intelligent piece of high-tech software to aid engineering teams in terms of saving overall development time, functionality and ease-of-use. Also, this tool helps create better optimized and more robust production calibrations for the customer at their convenience, with minimum need for extended, on-site supplier presence and limiting potential disruption at the customer’s facilities.

Has AcustiFusion been used in any active OEM R&D projects and programs?
AcustiFusion is already being implemented in new vehicle programs and projects by global car makers and Silentium partners. For example, Jaguar and Land Rover has used AcustiFusion to help optimize the ARNC development for the new Jaguar XF, F-Pace and Range Rover Velar.

What are the standout features of AcustiFusion as an integrated software package?
The differentiating features of AcustiFusion include:

  • Signal analysis
  • Transfer function estimation
  • Design parameters calculation
  • Performance prediction by simulation
  • Step by step tuning guidance via GUI to tuners/NVH engineers
  • Real-time vehicle data indications to ease OEMs in HW/SW/Vehicle integration efforts
  • System components validation

What role do you see active noise cancellation technology playing in the future development of passenger cars?
A huge role. The shift to electric vehicles, first hybrids then plug-in hybrids and finally full battery electric vehicles, will have a great and long-lasting impact on the vehicle interior. Essentially, by reducing unwanted noises into the cabin, we are enabling a safer and calmer driving experience. But, within the cabin of a BEV – where there are no ICE noises – the driver can hear sounds across the full hearing-range spectrum and this covers a raft of things, from wind noise and air conditioning fan through to the tires pounding the highway. What our technology does is cancel those noises out and control the noise spectrum in the cabin, adding to the well-being of all inside the car. In fact, our Active Acoustics technology suite can cut out 90% of unwanted noise across a broad band of frequencies from 20Hz up to 1kHz.

Anthony Manias, head of automotive at Silentium

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