Simulation providers team-up to combine AV test expertise

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AVSimulation and Ansys have entered a partnership, that will see AVSimulation’s high-performance simulation software integrated with Ansys’s immersive autonomous driving simulation solutions.

Testing of autonomous vehicles requires billions of miles of exhaustive physical road tests of prototype cars, consuming decades of development time and cost. To drastically reduce physical prototype testing and save time, OEMs are turning to Ansys’s VRXperience, an immersive solution that combines virtual reality capabilities with physics-based simulation. It enables engineers to test, validate and experience AV systems and vehicle performance in everyday driving conditions, spanning millions of virtual miles in a single day.

VRXperience enables HMI testing, physical sensor simulation (including radars, lidars, cameras and ultrasonic), embedded software controls integration, headlamp simulation and links to simulation data management and systems safety analysis.

Embedded within VRXperience as its driving simulator module, AVSimulation’s SCANeR Studio product is an open and scalable modular simulation solution that creates an ultra-realistic virtual world in which an infinite number of driving scenarios can be recreated with numerous variabilities on high performance clusters or on public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. SCANeR incorporates roads generated from high definition maps and asset libraries, traffic situations, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and more.

“Virtual prototyping and simulation are key to ensuring safe autonomous vehicles. Thanks to AVSimulation and its SCANeR Studio technology, Renault teams can design, simulate and test autonomous driving systems and validate automotive safety with millions of driving scenarios while leveraging the same platform across the development cycle.

“This agreement will accelerate the worldwide adoption of SCANeR through the new Ansys VRXperience solution to reduce physical testing, shorten time-to-market and ensure safety,” said Olivier Colmard, vice president, engineering – integrated CAE and PLM, at Renault.

“The advent of autonomous driving has ushered in the most transformative moment in automotive history since Henry Ford revolutionized industrial manufacturing, and this partnership is a major step forward in accelerating AV innovation,” commented Emmanuel Chevrier, CEO, AVSimulation.

“Together, VRXperience and SCANeR have raised the bar for designing groundbreaking, highly reliable and highly efficient AV systems throughout the automotive industry.”

“The limitless possibilities of VRXperience combined with the SCANeR Driving Simulator will empower our OEMs, [and]Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers to fast-track the creation, integration and certification of Level 3 to Level 5 AVs.

“With this partnership, AVSimulation and Ansys deliver a phenomenal breadth and a depth of technologies empowering auto makers to dramatically reduce development costs and expedite AV delivery to their customers,” said Eric Bantegnie, vice president and general manager, systems business unit at Ansys.

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