Porsche Taycan completes endurance testing at Nardò


Over just 24 hours, a preproduction Porsche Taycan prototype covered a distance of 3,425km (2,128 miles) on the high-speed track at the OEM’s Nardò test facility in Italy. This is roughly the same distance as it is from Nardò to Trondheim in Norway. The quality assurance test took place as part of endurance and hot climate evaluation work, which involved assessing the vehicle’s thermal management systems.

For the test runs, the vehicle was driven at a speed between 195km/h and 215km/h (120mph and 134mph). With peak temperatures of 42°C (108°F) and a track temperature of up to 54°C (130°F), the test was carried out without interruptions apart from quick charging stops and driver changes. The team consisted of six Porsche test drivers.

Stefan Weckbach, vice president of the Taycan product line, said, “The Taycan mastered this ambitious endurance run without any problems, demonstrating the unique 800V technology and its high maturity level. Before the Taycan is launched on the market at the end of the year, we will have covered over six million test kilometers across the globe.”

At the end of July, as part of another test, a prototype was accelerated from 0-200km/h 26 times at an airfield. The average acceleration figure from the timed runs was under 10 seconds and the difference between the fastest and slowest acceleration run was 0.8 seconds.

More on the recent updates to the Nardò test center in the September issue of ATTI. 



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