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Experts from Volkswagen Group’s 110-strong advanced technologies team, which is spread across San Francisco, Belmont, Auburn Hills and Herndon, reveal more about the manufacturer’s activities in the US cities and the tools it uses to undertake cutting-edge research.

For example, in its battery research Volkswagen uses quantum computers to simulate chemical processes at the molecular level. This will pave the way to even more powerful batteries – a crucial building block for the next generation of electric cars.

Another promising technology is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Volkswagen’s experts in San Francisco feed algorithms data until they can independently recognize patterns and perform complex tasks, advancing research into autonomy.

Some of the team’s solutions are already in use by Volkswagen. Experts in the virtual engineering lab, for example, have developed virtual reality (VR) technology for vehicle design, which was applied in the development of the Golf 8, and enabled the OEM to reduce the timescale of the program.

Another application of technology has been the implementation of new functions on the Audi USA website, such as the vehicle configurator. These new features are to be applied across the other VW Group brands.


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