Efficiency gains for vibration test rigs

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Test and measurement specialist HBK has launched a new LDS shaker system that it claims provides efficiency beyond time savings.

The company notes that with today’s increasingly complex and advanced vibration testing, such as environmental stress screening using a slip table and climatic chamber, manufacturers and engineers demand a lot from their vibration testing solutions. Furthermore, a lack of energy saving and power balancing features, recalibration of armature position, vibration profile limitations as well as growing their own testing capabilities are just a few of the challenges that limit testing efficiency.

HBK states that its LDS V8750 shaker + XPAK shaker system has been specifically designed to meet the demanding specifications for shock testing in standard configurations. The medium-force, air-cooled shaker system is said to reduce overall costs while ensuring a reliable and futureproof system. For example, an inductive centering system enables accurate guiding of the built-in armature with minimal maintenance and uninterrupted operation.

Uninterrupted operation is also said to be guaranteed thanks to new remote services which aid predictive maintenance and fault detection. Additionally, cool and quiet modes of the XPAK amplifier enable the user to reduce the acoustic noise and energy consumption, while simultaneously lowering the cost of ownership and reducing the carbon footprint.

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