Bloodhound SSC to undergo final tests at Cornwall Airport Newquay

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The Bloodhound SSC will make its first ever public run on October 26, 2017, at the Aerohub Enterprise Zone at Cornwall Airport Newquay in the UK, as part of a series of key development tests.

The runs will finalize months of tests to validate the car’s steering, brakes, suspension and data systems, as well as the EJ200 jet engine.

Before it moves under its own power, Bloodhound SSC will first undergo several days of static ‘tie-down’ tests. The jet engine will be run up, with the car chained to the ground so that the performance of car’s bespoke air intake, fuel and electrical systems can be checked. All being well, dynamic testing will then follow.

One key aspect is the low-speed capability of the jet engine intake, which is positioned above the cockpit. This is designed to work best at speeds over 800mph, so the project’s engineers need to understand how it performs at very low speeds. They need to know how soon full power can be applied.

The ‘real-world’ acceleration data will also enable Ron Ayers, Bloodhound’s chief aerodynamicist, to plan the sequence of runs in South Africa that, it is hoped, will result in a new record.

The Newquay trials will also be Andy Green’s first opportunity to drive the car and experience the steering feel, throttle and brake action, noise and vibration.

Furthermore, this will be the first opportunity to train the support crew, as well as develop the car’s operating procedures, prove and refine the safety protocols, and practice radio communications, before heading overseas in late 2018.

June 30, 2017

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