Vision Research

Vision Research

Vision Research manufactures a full line of on-board and off-board crash test cameras and provides an integrated system to maximize their effectiveness.

On-board solutions include the Phantom high-definition C320, C210, and the very small Miro N5.  These options provide a variety of resolutions, frame rates, and sizes to meet any crash test need.  All cameras can be controlled through the Miro Junction Box for ease of use and have batteries and flash memory to protect critical data.

Off-board solutions rely on the VEO 340, VEO 640 and VEO 4K. These cameras are tough yet flexible enough to produce highly detailed images at a variety of frame rates and resolutions. They can either operate individually or together through the Miro Junction Box and may be equipped with batteries and flash for added data protection.

All cameras serving automotive crash testing applications benefit from the high image quality Phantom High-Speed cameras are known for. Vision Research also produces the fastest 1Mpx and 4Mpx cameras in the industry with its Ultrahigh-speed cameras.  The TMX series is the world’s first back side illuminated high-speed sensor with enhanced sensitivity and unmatched speeds. Our 4K automotive cameras utilize the same sensor and deliver the same quality imaging as our media cameras.

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