Siemens PLM Software

Siemens PLM Software

Innovation by digitization is rapidly gaining ground. OEMs engineer new powertrain architectures and material types, in response to the ever-increasing demand for cleaner transportation, and massively introduce smart functionalities for efficiency, safety and autonomous driving. These are enabled by capabilities such as ever-increasing mechatronics, additive manufacturing, and concepts like cloud or the internet of things. Engineers need to master this additional complexity, while still dealing with classic performance requirements, such as comfort, drivability and durability.

This evolution reveals shortcomings in verification-centric development processes, that are overcome by the Digital Twin paradigm. In this new approach, manufacturers associate every individual automotive product to ultra-realistic, multi-physics models and data, that stay in-sync, and can predict its real behavior throughout the lifecycle, starting from the very early stages. This helps them bring better performing, complex vehicles to market more effectively, and connect design with utilization. While it will still require technological advancement to deploy this concept at full range, the trend has inevitably started, and dramatically shifts testing activities.

Rather than being concentrated on discrete delivery moments, prototype validation and certification come in a permanent flow, including much more vehicle variations, parameters, operating points and other. Moreover, also during earlier development stages, real measured data will become vital, to endorse modeling accuracy. Realistic simulation implies continuous testing work, on components, materials, boundary conditions, and more; often involving multiple physics, requiring innovative testing methodologies. And to be successful as a team, test and simulation engineers will have to align their workflows.

Simcenter™ solutions uniquely integrate physical testing with system simulation, 3D CAE and CFD. This helps engineers accurately predict vehicle performance, optimize designs and deliver innovations faster. As part of this portfolio, Simcenter testing solutions are built for maximum productivity during validation, providing more insight in less time, and for increased accuracy while measuring multi-physics.

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