North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging provides industrial nondestructive testing X-ray equipment, services and training to the automotive industry. Have you ever wondered what your company’s automotive product looks like on the inside? Industrial X-ray/CT scanning is frequently used for Research and Development, Failure Analysis, Quality Control Assurance, 3D Metrology and more. This is a very beneficial technology for both your own manufacturing and quality control activities as well as monitoring and analyzing competitor’s products. Whether it’s on board electronic sensors, cast components or even the rubber on the road, North Star Imaging has X-ray and Computed Tomography systems designed for production line quality inspection or for the Research and Development lab.

Offering four standard X-ray and CT systems, robotic inspection systems, and the new MeVX6 high energy X-ray system to scan larger and more dense parts than ever before. The company also offers contract services for anyone needing DR or CT X-ray inspection. Our technology allows us to image, measure and quantify fine internal and external features, density variations and anomalies nondestructively.

  • Compare actual parts to 3D CAD models inside and out-nondestructively
  • Calculate void analysis
  • Have the basis for FEA, reverse engineering and other inputs
  • Analyze plastics, metals, composites and many other materials
  • Samples can range in size from microns to feet in size

Today, North Star Imaging is one of the leading manufacturers of 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography systems in the world. Additionally, each worldwide location houses state of the art equipment for demonstration and need based X-ray/CT Inspection Services. No matter your location, NSI has local employees ready to help evaluate your needs, explain the technology and provide thorough training upon installation. NSI has offices in Minnesota, California, United Kingdom and China.

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