Mechanical Simulation

Mechanical Simulation
755 Phoenix Drive
Ann Arbor
MI 48108
734 668 2930

Mechanical Simulation Corporation, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and celebrating its 20th anniversary, is the world’s leader in virtual prototyping software for system-level vehicle performance, specializing in interactions between 3D vehicle dynamics, advanced controllers, driver behavior, and the road surface. Our renowned CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim software products empower leading global engineering organizations to develop and validate complete vehicle systems, subsystems, and controller designs, including those suited for ADAS and automated vehicles … and to do so with the highest level of confidence! Our customers benefit by realizing improved productivity, fewer required prototypes, and ultimately higher quality as perceived by their own customers.

Mechanical Simulation views its customers as partners in shaping the future of transportation, so our team and channel partners actively support end users and their organizations to ensure that they realize all of the value that we offer. Our software can run standalone or integrated with other software, HIL systems, or driving simulators. We provide these simulation solutions, related training, and ongoing support to more than 100 OEMs and suppliers, and more than 200 universities and government research groups worldwide. Coupled with a strong ecosystem of technology partners, we will continue to drive progress in the transportation industry and shape its bright future!

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