At Jacobs, we work to make the world better for all. Everything we do – from addressing water scarcity and aging infrastructure to ensuring access to life-saving therapies and protecting against sophisticated cyberattacks – is more than a project. These are our challenges as human beings. We solve the most important problems, the ones for the real world – making life simpler and more seamless along the way. That’s why we bring a thoughtful and collaborative approach to our partnerships. Our unparalleled experience with advanced technology systems and program support makes us a premier partner to automotive, motorsport, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications clients worldwide.  We know we can help our partners make a positive impact on the world.

We deliver solutions to challenges by turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. We have foresight into what’s possible, courage to create solutions for the unknown, and the knowledge and skills to make them real. We apply our specialized expertise to design, build, operate, and maintain high tech facilities and systems for environmental, aerodynamic, altitude, and acoustic testing for our automotive, motorsport, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications partners worldwide. We also help our partners sustain their aging infrastructure – providing facility upgrades to accommodate next generation technology, integrating new high tech systems and equipment with their legacy counterparts, and implementing proactive maintenance procedures to maximize facility uptime. We aren’t reckless, but we are bold. We’re willing and capable of disrupting the status quo – setting the standards of how we live by helping our partners develop better products such as passenger cars, heavy trucks, busses, racecars, military vehicles, and aircraft.

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