Instron is the leading global manufacturer of testing equipment for the material and structural testing markets, used to evaluate materials ranging from native tissue to advanced high-strength alloys. Instron systems perform a variety of tests such as compression, cyclic, fatigue, durability, crash simulation, impact, multi-axis, rheology, tensile, and torsion. Providing single-source convenience through a comprehensive range of solutions and localized service and support, Instron’s broad range of service capabilities include assistance with performance verification & calibration standards compliance, testing system relocation, staff training, and preventative maintenance.

The Instron Centers of Excellence around the world ensure that behind every Instron system is an unprecedented commitment and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

The automotive industry invests heavily in research and development, as well as quality control, to ensure that their products are safe, high-quality, profitable, environmentally friendly, and appealing to their customers. Instron serves as the ideal partnership to ensure that common challenges associated with these goals can be achieved, including an acceptable time to market, finding ways to reduce cost while improving performance, and having to validate new material suitability for new applications.

Instron provides automotive engineers with tools to gain early insights into materials processability and performance and to predict and validate the durability and crash behavior of vehicle components and structures. Our products cover the whole of the mechanical testing spectrum from determining materials properties, to the characterization of components and on to the performance of the whole vehicle in routine and crash situations.

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