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Artificial Networks

Our Artificial Network simulations offer the optimal solution for developing and testing HV components for electric, hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles and charging stations.

The impedances and frequency behaviour are based on International, ISO 21498, LV 123, VW 80300, MBN 11123, BMW GS 95203, IEC 61851, or specific customer requirements. Multiple impedances can be mapped in one system. We deliver all of our Artificial Network and HV electrical systems with the National Accreditation body of Germany, DAkkS calibration

Loads and Test Resistors

The LR-Series are used in the development, testing, and under continuous operations with constant ohmic values over a wide range of power and temperatures:

  • In the automotive sector for the development and testing of batteries, capacitors, and electric drives
  • For generators, single-phase and three-phase voltage and power sources
  • For discharging capacitors or batteries with large currents

Versatile Artificial Network Series

Air or Liquid cooled for stabile resistance temperature and constant ohmic values. Continuous current loading without derating, is ideal for in-the-loop testing during the development stage of HV components. Accredited DAkkS calibration is available upon request.

A modular and upgradable system that grows with your testing needs.

Contact us and we will design the Artificial Network tailored to your requirements.

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