ASC GMBH – German Sensor Engineering

ASC GMBH – German Sensor Engineering

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At ASC, we are your partner for monitoring and optimizing driving dynamics. Our tailormade high-precision inertial sensor and IMU solutions help maximize the efficiency of your vehicles, keep passengers and freight safe and your business productive.

Our compact yet robust analog, digital and smart sensors, paired with the expertise of resourceful engineers, offers a flexible range of tools to test and track, predict and maintain vehicle conditions in every imaginable real-world setting.

Whether cars, trucks or other commercial vehicles, the accurate monitoring and analyses of driving dynamics provide crucial data to inform the design, mitigate the impact of shocks and forces, increase driver comfort and predict wear in order to repair timely before an expensive breakdown happens.

As centrifugal forces, acceleration, braking powers, gravity but also external forces like wind power or shocks from various road conditions and their absorption constantly impac your vehicle. Optimal driving dynamics, comfort and efficiency can only be achieved when all vehicle components are finetuned to seamlessly sync with each other.

ASC’s inertial sensors and IMUs capture all acceleration and gyroscopic forces with highest precision. Whether in lane change or braking tests, special maneuvers or other disruptive actions: an ever-growing number of manufacturers partners with ASC to optimize their fleets with proverbial German quality sensor and service solutions.

In addition, ASC’s sensors offer low noise emissions, strong robustness to withstand extreme conditions and compact design to allow for space-saving integration.

In partnership with global car and truck manufacturers, ASC’s versatile, modular inertial measurement unit IMU7 is tailored to their needs. It provides a compact, flexible “toolbox” combining a range of robust accelerometers and gyroscopes meeting the highest standards of vehicle testing.

Particularly, when latest advances in sustainable e-technology bring about alternative components, materials and mechanics, large batteries shifting the center of gravity, novel rotation and braking forces. Pair that with diverse road and climate conditions, individual speeds and driving styles – and it becomes easy to see how new areas of pressure, strain, friction, rotation, vibration and shock absorption emerge that are critical to monitor and evaluate.

So that appropriate measures can be taken to manage these factors – and their compounded impact – to optimize driving dynamics and comfort, avoid premature wear, safety hazards and costly repair, and to improve the efficient use of your vehicle.

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  • ASC GMBH – German Sensor Engineering
  • ASC GMBH – German Sensor Engineering
  • ASC GMBH – German Sensor Engineering