Toyota invests research resources in energy tech development

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Automaker Toyota, Toyota Central R&D Labs (Toyota CRDL) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan have started discussions around a joint research project focused on energy and the environment. The three are open to collaborating with other specialists, and aim to implement and commercialize the fruits of their work on a mass scale.

Themes and subjects covered under the initiative are to include types of energy, user groups and applications, which all differ between countries and regions. Rather than limiting options to one form of energy or a single technology, the three will research ways to expand choice in the energy forms and technologies available.

Toyota, Toyota CRDL and AIST will delve into four key areas:

Establishing energy scenarios for achieving carbon neutrality
Using energy models developed by AIST, the three experts will analyze the impact on energy use systems, taking into account future trends in energy-related technologies, energy environment policies and other societal changes. Considering various aspects such as predictions on clean energy consumption, implementation of new technologies, impact on the environment and costs, they will develop energy scenarios to achieve carbon neutrality.

Establishing energy urban networks that realize both carbon neutrality and economic rationality
Toyota, Toyota CRDL and AIST will propose a carbon neutral and cost-minimizing optimal urban energy structure that utilizes renewable energies, and will also propose high-quality yet affordable energy infrastructure that makes use of electrification technologies developed for vehicles.

Developing high-efficiency in-vehicle solar power generation systems
They will promote vehicles equipped with solar power generation systems. As part of this they will pursue improvements in conversion efficiency and reductions in cost for both solar batteries and solar power generation systems.

Developing elemental technologies for the production, transportation and use of hydrogen
The three will develop elemental technologies capable of resolving issues related to the establishment of a hydrogen society, including hydrogen production tech, safe and cost-effective transportation solutions (carriers), and technologies to enable hydrogen use as an energy form.

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