Titan launches advanced steer-by-wire system for niche manufacturers

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Titan has unveiled an advanced electric steering system for niche low-volume vehicle manufacturers that is suitable for everything from commercial vehicles to hypercars.

The high-tech steer-by-wire system is the result of a research and development process undertaken at the company’s facility in Cambridgeshire, UK. Titan, which started out in the 1960s engineering for race cars, says the new system is designed, developed and manufactured completely in-house with the company owning much of the intellectual property required.

“Titan’s flexibility and in-house expertise means we occupy a unique position in the marketplace versus more traditional large Tier 1 suppliers, which do not cater for the specific needs of lower-volume makers when it comes to electric steering systems,” said Titan CEO George Lendrum (right).

The system uses a bespoke electric motor, which Titan manufactures in-house alongside the entire steering system. The electronic control system is also bespoke, biased to 48V, with the company saying that both systems enable optimum performance and infinite tunability.

“Our in-house developed technology optimizes the relationship between the motor and the control system, resulting in a by-wire system that sets new standards,” said Titan’s technical director, Paul Wilkinson (right).

“Combined with Titan’s approach, which sees us work closely with every customer, the system is a highly tunable toolbox, enabling lower-volume next-gen vehicle makers to calibrate steering responses exactly to application, whether an EV hypercar or electric truck, resulting in just the right ‘feel’ for the driver.

“What’s more, thanks to the company’s in-house expertise, we can close the loop, taking a system from clean-sheet design to full industrialization under one roof, and do so rapidly to the very highest levels of quality.”

The company says its by-wire system is scalable and optimized for particularly challenging packaging requirements and that it can create anything from a first prototype to a final production run of a hundred units per month. 

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