New miniature transducer for testing pressures in vehicles

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German company HBM has partnered with Kyowa Electronic Instruments to develop a new series of miniature transducer for testing pressures in vehicle gearboxes, coolant circuits, hydraulic systems and periphery parts for combustion engines.

The lightweight P60 series rates pressures in the ranges of 20, 50, 100 and 200 bar, so the transducers are ideal for use in the automotive, transport, logistics and aerospace industries.

The compact transducer is only 0.63in in diameter and 1.38in long, and it weighs only 0.71 ounces without the cable, so it’s very easy to mount. It is also suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 302°F and has an accuracy class of 0.3, so it’s particularly suitable for taking pressure measurements with the latest strain-gauge technology in research and development applications, or when safety and dynamic behavior are being monitored.

The P60 range has six threaded connectors for use in any number of applications, and it has flexible 0.12in diameter leads for working in the tightest of spaces. It has an overload stability of 150% and a low tightening torque of 13.3 lb/ft to 14.8 lb/ft.

“With its pressure range of up to 200 bar and its compact design, the transducer qualifies for many mobile hydraulic applications, such as pressure tests on vehicle gearboxes or hydraulic clutches,” HBM product manager Stefan Kruse explained. “Its wide temperature range also allows for measuring the pressure in water cooling systems in car engines.”

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