Dewesoft releases four new amplifier modules

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Dewesoft has announced the release of four new amplifier modules for the IOLITE platform, a system that combines high-performance data acquisition with real-time control.

The company states that all of the new modules can be used in any IOLITE main-frame chassis, including the IOLITE R8, IOLITE R12, IOLITE LX and IOLITEd. There were already modules available for voltage (eight inputs), thermocouples, RTDs, counter/encoders and digital inputs and outputs.

IOLITE-8xSTGS is an eight-channel strain gauge module that supports quarter-, half- and full-bridge modes plus voltage and potentiometer modes. It features a 24-bit oversampled sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter with a sample rate of up to 20kS/s, and which has an option for low latency Sinc filter, a perfect solution for control applications. Dewesoft X software enables shunting, shorting, sensor balancing and lead wire compensation.

IOLITE-16xLV is a 16-channel low-voltage module that is ideal for industrial applications due to its affordable price, high accuracy and channel-to-ground isolation. It has input ranges of ±10V and ±200V and features the same 24-bit ADC and Sinc filtering as IOLITE-8xSTGS.

IOLITE-8xLA is an eight-channel low-current measurement module, designed for data acquisition in control applications requiring input for current loop signals in the range of ±20 mA. In addition to the 24-bit ADC and sampling up to 20kS/s, each input includes a 5th order anti-aliasing filter.

IOLITE-16xAO is a 16 channel ±10V analog OUTPUT module, where each channel is galvanically isolated from the main power supply ground. Analog outputs are typically required in control applications.

The IOLITE platform is equipped with two parallel EtherCAT buses, a primary bus used for full-speed buffered data acquisition to a PC computer hard-drive, and a secondary bus mainly used for the real-time low-latency data feed to any third party EtherCAT-based control system.

Only one EtherCAT line is required between the PLC and DAQ, and this greatly reduces cabling and eliminates redundant analog-to-digital conversion of the same signals. This enables the worlds of control and data acquisition to be combined into one elegant system.

For more information, visit: Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) and Solutions | Dewesoft

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