Simulation 2022.1 software update from Altair

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Computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) company Altair has released details of an update to its simulation portfolio Simulation 2022.1.

The updates are said to enable more efficient, innovative products by applying advanced simulation, cloud-based computing and optimization for cleaner, more sustainable product lifecycles. Additionally, Simulation 2022.1 can also aid companies in driving improved design decisions earlier on in the development process.

Updates to Altair Material Data Center, OptiStruct, Multiscale Designer, HyperWorks and SimLab are said to help meet lightweighting objectives, requirements for design, budgets and also regulatory requirements. The updates also strengthen the company’s topology optimization, lightweighting, design certification and high-performance computing capabilities. This enables users of Simulation 2022.1. to save resources, scale workload, and reduce project complexity all while designing more sustainable products.

Updates to the software allow users to apply simulation earlier in design lifecycles to reduce errors, increase efficiency and reduce costs while accessing tools in a connected environment. Altair Inspire has undergone enhancements to improve design creation and optimization experience, while alterations have been made to Altair SimSolid for quick simulation, reviewing design scenarios and parametric modeling upgrades.

Altair’s modeling and visualization capabilities have also been updated. A new HyperWorks workflow makes the process of building a reduced order model for early conceptual optimization more efficient. Simulation 2022.1 can be used to simplify models and to perform topology optimization with quicker turnaround times. Model interpretation with 1D inflation capabilities has also been strengthened.

Simulation 2022.1 also features additional open-source updates. Furthermore, within the company’s new UI Designer toolkit in Inspire, users can assemble designs with predefined objects, modify, and save designs as a Python code skeleton that can be further developed.

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