New simulator boosts university capabilities

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The Automotive Engineering and Design Center at the University of Brescia, Italy, has received a new Compact Simulator designed by VI-grade.

The Compact Simulator is an entry-level solution in the range of driving simulators provided by VI-grade. It features a driver’s seat, a fully adjustable steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, gearshift and screens, and it can be placed directly in an engineering office. The Compact simulators do not feature a motion platform, but their functionality makes them an ideal stepping stone to more advanced systems. Importantly, the software they operate is the same as that used on VI-grade’s larger Static and DiM Dynamic versions.

With driver-in-the-loop simulation an increasingly important element of vehicle development, the arrival of the VI-grade sim will give students hands-on experience of technology that they will have to handle throughout their careers.

Prof. Marco Gadola, head of the Automotive Group at the University of Brescia, said, “We are very proud to be the very first Italian university to feature such an advanced R&D tool and to offer specific education focused on professional driving simulation to automotive engineering students. The cooperation we established with VI-grade is fostering our research on vehicle dynamics, system integration for innovative powertrains, driver-vehicle interaction and sustainable mobility in general.”

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