Dynisma to showcase latest DIL simulator at DSC

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UK-based motion simulator technology company Dynisma will reveal its DMG-360XY driver-in-the-loop simulator at the Driving Simulation Conference Europe VR (DSC) in Antibes, France, from September 6-8.

The new simulator features 5m of longitudinal and lateral travel, and is hailed by the company as the “ultimate tool for lane change, ride evaluation and development”. Full details of the product will be revealed in a presentation at DSC by Gavin Farmer, commercial manager at Dynisma, Thursday, September 7 at 2:30pm in the Antipolis Auditorium.

In addition to exploring the specifications of the DMG-360XY, Farmer will explain the role that Dynisma’s technology plays in dynamic driver-in-the-loop simulation, how simulator requirements for developing vehicle dynamics are specified for maneuvers such as step steer and lane changing, and what this enables engineers to study and develop on the road.

The presentation will also cover DMG-X, a 6DOF simulator with a bandwidth of over 100Hz in all DOFs. This reproduces the fine details that define a vehicle’s comfort and connectivity with the driver, while enabling tuning of vehicle models to match a manufacturer’s required brand DNA. It also has very low latency of 3-5ms, removing the need to acclimatize between simulator driving and real-world driving.

Ashley Warne, Dynisma’s CEO, said, “Available as turnkey solutions or customized to exact requirements, our simulators push the boundaries of what is possible in motion generation solutions. As a team we’re excited to formally launch Dynisma’s new large XY travel driver-in-the-loop simulator, which was developed to meet demand in the market for an ultra-realistic large excursion platform for a range of driving scenarios.”

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