Cruden to integrate IT systems for Prema Racing’s Dynisma simulator

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The Panthera Simulation Software Suite from Cruden has been selected for use on Prema Racing’s all-new simulator from Dynisma. Following the integration of the Cruden software, the advanced simulator will benefit from significant upgrades.

In addition to upgrading its latest simulator, the racing team will also upgrade its original simulator with the software suite to enable engineers to utilize both simulators when carrying out race car development and setup programs, such as those for Formula 2 and the recently announced LMDh program that Lamborghini is undertaking.

During the simulator specification process, Cruden consulted with Prema to ensure the technology met Prema’s requirements, setting the acceptance criteria and tests. The DMG-1 motion system from Dynisma will operate using the Panthera Simulation Software Suite with Unity rendering. In addition to the software, Cruden will provide the visual system for the simulator. This will include Norxe 4k projectors with low latency.

The Canopy vehicle model will be integrated into a Speedgoat Real-Time system on both simulators. Cruden’s Core Box will provide a single point of access to both simulators for tool integration, software upgrades and remote support.

“I had the chance to try the new simulator and I was very happy with the feedback I was getting as a driver from the platform and with the graphics,” explained Daniil Kvyat, who will get behind the wheel of Prema Racing’s Lamborghini LMDh race car next season. “I was able straight away to get up to the correct lap times and driving style, which means that it was very close to reality and the simulator did a great job.”

René Rosin, team principal at Prema Racing, added, “Our driving simulator plays a crucial role in
developing both our drivers and our race cars. We are excited to be partnering with Dynisma and
Cruden, who are distinguished experts in motion systems and simulation software.”

“It has been a pleasure to watch the growth of Prema Racing on and off the track since we’ve been working together,” said Dennis Marcus, commercial manager at Cruden. “Like many Formula 2 and 3 teams around five years ago, they knew they had to up their game with regard to simulation,
transforming track-familiarization simulators into engineering tools for race car development.”

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