GeneSys outlines new features of ADMA inertial measurement system

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To increase productivity and ease of use, GeneSys has designed and released three new features for its ADMA GNSS-aided inertial measurement system.

ADMA features an inertial measurement unit (IMU) with a differential global navigation satellite system to enable a range of measurements to be taken, including 3D acceleration, speed, position, pitch, roll, course and side-slip.

The company’s first add-on, named DELTA, enables the direct output of relative data – such as distances, velocities and angles – between up to five vehicles. Data is provided in real time with minimum latency. This can be used to conduct ADAS tests by providing a precise distance reference and distance control for robot systems.

The second add-on is LATDEV, which is used to test and validate lane departure warning systems. It can calculate the distance between two predefined straight lines, a fixed object, angle to the straight lines, and the lateral speed and acceleration in real time, related to three user-defined points of interest.

The third add-on is Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which synchronizes the measurement based on the GPS time. This means all ADMAs can be synchronized with each other whether they are online or offline.

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