Devialet and Faurecia to develop in-car infotainment systems

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Technology company Faurecia and acoustic expert Devialet are to jointly develop in-car infotainment systems as part of a newly announced partnership. The two will work together combining their expertise and knowledge to create innovative solutions – Devialet will provide its experience in different acoustic architectures, loudspeakers and signal processing, while Faurecia will contribute its knowledge in electronic design and system integration capabilities as well as its sound domain controller technology.

Yann Brillat-Savarin, group strategy executive vice president at Faurecia, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Devialet because it allows us to address a complete range of audio solutions from personalized sound systems to branded audio systems. From software to technologies integrated in the vehicle’s surfaces and structure, Faurecia and Devialet will enable passengers to enjoy a more immersive and personalized onboard experience, whatever the type of music or content they are listening to.”

Franck Lebouchard, chief executive officer at Devialet, added, “We’re proud to be reinventing car audio with Faurecia using breakthroughs in audio hardware, software, and acoustics to deliver a truly immersive experience and unmatched emotional impact through sound. This partnership is a perfect illustration of what Devialet stands for: putting our technology and expertise at the service of purposeful innovation and bringing incredible sound to the widest possible audience.”

The companies will demonstrate the first fruits of the new partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2020 (January 7-10). This will include a range of sound systems from Devialet, which Faurecia has integrated into numerous vehicles.

“Visitors to CES will experience how we expertly integrate advanced Devialet audio processing technologies to bring the exceptional sound fidelity, clarity and precision people usually enjoy at home into the vehicle environment,” said Jean-François Rondeau, immersive sound experiences product line director at Faurecia Clarion Electronics. “Faurecia will also have a separate sound room where potential buyers can enjoy an immersive experience of Devialet’s sound staging and reproduction expertise.”

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