Marelli develops cabin digital twin that uses AWS cloud services and QNX software

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At the upcoming Auto Shanghai on April 18-27, 2023, Marelli will showcase its cabin digital twin technology DigiMate. The end-to-end infrastructure has been designed to replicate cabin hardware and software to speed up vehicle software development, while simultaneously reducing costs and time to market for OEMs and their innovations.

Marelli’s DigiMate will enable OEMs to bring connected vehicle services to market more efficiently as the technology has been designed to streamline simulations, validation and testing activities, eliminating the need for multiple physical cabins.

The virtual cabin replica can run thousands of instances in parallel on the cloud, greatly reducing development timelines, and enables more cost-effective over-the-air software updates. This means that OEMs can respond quickly to customers’ requests while reducing time to market for new software updates.

In the initial DigiMate application, QNX Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS) has been integrated to run natively on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, powered by Amazon Web Services Graviton2 processors.

“By combining the strengths of Marelli and AWS services, we can deliver the driving experience consumers want while ensuring security and reliability,” explained Yannick Hoyau, vice president and head of engineering and innovation, Marelli Electronic Systems. “The DigiMate empowers developers to reduce timelines and resources needed for software development, delivering software evolutions more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

“Enabling our customers with our foundational QNX software products in the cloud is a game changer for embedded developers as they will have easy access and scale available at their fingertips,” added Grant Courville, vice president, product management and strategy, BlackBerry QNX.

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