Bosch software facilitates fleet management, data access and analysis

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Engineering and testing processes that have traditionally been time and resource intensive can be connected and better managed utilizing software from Bosch Engineering. These solutions that are applied in-house and refined via this hands-on experience enable targeted implementation of functional developments.

“In doing so, we ensure reduced complexity and high efficiency in data collection, organization and analysis during the development process as well as optimal utilization of capacities,” said Jochen Reichert, responsible for business development of digital solutions, Bosch Engineering.

Via the cloud, engineering teams, vehicles and measurement data are seamlessly connected. All project associates can access the vehicles they need and the collected data at any time and from any location worldwide. Data can also be exchanged among decentralized engineering teams and external partners or service providers can be involved.

Developed from the company’s own needs and continuously refined by the engineering teams that use them on a daily basis, Bosch Engineering’s virtual tools are designed to be extremely user intuitive. Featuring a modular structure, individual solutions can be integrated into an existing engineering software structure or they can be used together as a complete package. Support is offered across the entire workflow, including in test fleet management, accessing of test data and data analysis.

Fleet management is said to be greatly simplified; the fleet manager receives an exact overview of each vehicle, their equipment status, location and readiness for use at any time. Vehicle data can be extracted and updated easily, so the data set is always up to date.

Remote Vehicle Access and Fleet Falcon support engineers in vehicle tests and evaluation and management of data. Remote Vehicle Access is particularly suited for complex diagnostic and application tasks. Among other things, the vehicle can be accessed by remote data connection during test drives to gather measurement data and conduct diagnostics and flash data updates. Fleet Falcon is built for analyses of measurement data from multiple vehicles or entire vehicle fleets. A fast and reliable remote connection to the entire test fleet ensures online access to all vehicle data. Personalized dashboards can be quickly created with diagrams that give a user-friendly visual presentation of the data in real time.

Furthermore, the digital cloud-based Data Analysis solution from Bosch Engineering, which is currently being used and developed in internal projects, is a powerful tool that enables scrutinization of large amounts of measurement data in all relevant data formats, quickly, efficiently and in high quality.

“With our software portfolio, which we are successively expanding and adapting to new developments in the automotive sector, we are creating the foundation for the rapid integration of innovative functions into the vehicle, especially in engineering-intensive areas of strategic opportunity such as electrification and automated driving,” commented Dr Johannes-Jörg Rüger, CEO of Bosch Engineering.

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