SHOW NEWS: New Millbrook EV test facility for San Francisco


Leading specialist in propulsion and driveline testing systems Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Inc (Booth 7026) has used Day 1 of Automotive Testing Expo, Novi, Michigan 2019 to share details of its brand-new electric vehicle test facility for the San Francisco Bay area. The new facility will enable Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Inc to offer more effective powertrain development support, create extra capacity and enable rapid introduction of new powertrain test capabilities.

“The purpose of the new facility was to encompass the types of testing we were seeing being shipped to us here locally in Detroit,” says Michael Czubaj, director of MRE global sales. “So, taking that [to the West Coast]saves our customers out there the time and energy of having to bring their engineers and technicians to us. We went to them so they could remain local.

“With the way the market was going, we recognized it made sense to have both locations. And as [the industry]started expanding electrification into axles, we were uniquely situated with the customer base for testing as well as building test systems.”

In addition to electrified drivetrain testing, the new facility will offer vehicle-in-the-loop capabilities and battery simulation to 1,000V DC and 1,200A DC peak. This will enable customers to perform complex integration testing and to validate electrified powertrain components, laid-out powertrains and electric vehicles. The facility is designed for maximum flexibility and will be equipped with high-speed motors up to 20,000rpm, allowing for tests of electric motors and inverters or standalone drivetrain components.


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