Show news: Colmis improving proving ground facilities to ensure employee retention


Long-time exhibitor Colmis AB, a test service provider based in Arjeplog, Sweden, reported that business is booming and revealed plans to improve its electric vehicle charging infrastructure, create a bigger dynamics evaluation area, and build new indoor test facilities.

However, despite continual growth in the Swedish automotive sector, Colmis managing director Mikael Hallin admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire talent. “The population in the region is decreasing and, unfortunately, it’s a slow but consistent trend. Currently there are around 2,800 inhabitants, however when I was a child, there were about 3,500. The area is looking for ways to reverse this trend.”

Hallin added that the seasonality in the job market makes it harder and less desirable for people to live in Arjeplog the whole year round. “Temporarily employing people from outside the city is also not as easy as it sounds because they need somewhere to live, and demand for accommodation during the high season is tremendously high. As a result, one of the challenges for Colmis is employee retention of those seasonal employees that support us in the months when we have a bigger work load.”


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