SHOW NEWS: Autonomous vibration data acquisition and analyzer unit

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Vibration Research (Booth 6046) has chosen to showcase its ObserVR1000 Dynamic Signal Analyzer at this week’s Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan. The analyzer is a compact, portable device designed to simplify the field recording of vibration data. “It’s a portable data acquisition unit but also an analysis tool,” explained Jared Van Baren, marketing manager, during the show.

“It’s a battery-powered unit that can measure multiple sources of noise and is easily controlled by the VR Mobile smartphone app or the ObserVIEW software running on a tablet or PC. The software allows you to watch a live graph of what you’re recording, and you can sync GoPros and GPS tracking for the most complete reports.”

Capable of autonomous operation, the ObserVR1000 is easily configured using the auto-TEDS feature, which detects sensors automatically, helping to eliminate setup errors and reduce setup time.

“The ObserVR1000 is a starting pointing for big companies; Ford, for instance, has a few of them. It enables them to go out and collect field data, analyze it with the ObserVIEW software, snip it, compress it, combine it and replay it on the shakers in their labs.”

The ObserVR1000 launched over a year ago but Vibration Research is constantly adding to it. “A lot of what we do is driven by our customers, so we schedule all our enhancements based off their feedback,” said Van Baren. “The response from them so far has been good and there’s been a lot of interest here [at the show]too.”

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