Safety testing technology at Automotive Testing Expo Novi

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In this final roundup of product news before Automotive Testing Expo Novi 2019 opens next week, we take a look at systems for testing passive safety. The Expo will offer everything you need for modern crash testing, from the latest dummies, to testing facilities, high-speed cameras and intrusion testing equipment for battery-powered cars. As always, the expo is free to enter, so get your fast-track entry code here!

Positioning for dummies

DTS Thor Dummy Positioning a THOR dummy and monitoring ATD temperature just got easier with DTS’s complete SLICE6 in-dummy data acquisition solution. Each SLICE6 module features a built-in tri-axial tilt sensor, designed specifically for ATD positioning. The unit also logs temperature to make sure the THOR is within regulation boundaries before each test.

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HD crash testing

A range of upgraded cameras for crash testing will be the main talking point at Vision Research’s booth. The company has updated its compact cameras to film at full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), while still maintaining 1,400fps. The Phantom Miro C320J and C320 use the same housing as the existing Miro C210J and C210 and connect easily with the Miro J-Box 2.0, as they use the same operating software.Read More…

Simultaneous accelerometer calibration

MB Dynamics Win475 MDCCManual accelerometer calibration is so last century. That’s why MB Dynamics has developed an automated accelerometer calibration system. The Win475 Multi-DUT Crash-Cal (MDCC) offers 70% faster calibration than single-DUT methods, enabling simultaneous calibration of up to eight piezoresistive accelerometers of the same model and type over a frequency range of 10Hz to 4000Hz. The increased frequency of accelerometer calibrations afforded by the system is especially useful in crash testing, where large numbers of piezoresistive accelerometers are used at the same time.

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High-speed cameras

Photron MH6Two high-speed cameras that are ideal for capturing crash testing and component safety testing will feature on Photron’s booth. The Fastcam Mini CX is a compact and durable package that captures 1080p video at 1000fps and boasts a light sensitivity of ISO 5,000 color and ISO 10,000 monochrome. Operationally tested at 150g, it is not fazed by crash tests.

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Battery pack intrusion testing

Oilgear Towler Side Intrusion testingTo be able to thoroughly test the reinforced side sills protecting the batteries in EVs, Oilgear Towler has upgraded its side intrusion test system with improved actuators that are capable of pushing and pulling forces of 300kN. To support the stronger actuator, the machine frame has also been redesigned to provide higher stiffness.

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Testing Expo Novi Logo 2019Entry to Automotive Testing Expo is free. To attend the show, please register for your entry badge, here.

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