Powertrain testing and dyno technology center stage at Automotive Testing Expo

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With over 360 exhibitors expected, Automotive Testing Expo Novi will be packed with the latest technology to develop every aspect of a modern vehicle. This week, we’re highlighting some of the new dynamometer and powertrain technology you can discover and experience on the show floor. Whether you’re looking for a dyno for internal combustion engines, for hybrid and electric systems, or for both, you’ll find it at Automotive Testing Expo.

Flexible test bench for e-axles

ZF (booth 4016) has developed test benches that can be used for electric motors, e-axles without the motor, as well as complete electric drive axles (pictured above). The core component of these modularly constructed test benches is the drive module, which is powered by an oil-cooled synchronous motor capable of delivering power up to 600kW and torque up to 1000Nm. This way, the test benches are able to cope with the high speeds of e-axles (up to 23,000rpm), as well as by their geometric characteristics.

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New test facility

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering California FacilityThe San Francisco Bay area is gaining a brand new, independent and impartial test facility to support the development of electric vehicles. Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s (booth 7026) new facility will enable it to offer more effective powertrain development support, create extra capacity, and enable rapid introduction of new powertrain test capabilities. These include drivetrain and battery simulation, as well as physical testing, thanks to the latest high-speed motors up to 20,000rpm, which allow for tests of electric motors and inverters or standalone drivetrain components.

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Dynos and more

Small engine dyno SakorDynamometer expert Sakor (booth 10009) will have systems for testing hybrid, electric and conventional powertrains on its booth at Automotive Testing Expo. It claims its Small Engine AC Motoring Dynamometer is the smallest of its type on the market today. Furthermore, it was designed for low inertia and can be used in either horizontal and vertical orientations, accommodating either shaft orientation. The machine can test both steady state and transient emissions cycles, and helps users to avoid the issues associated with larger dynamometers, such as breaking driveshafts or couplings.

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High-speed electric motor testing

HBM T40BTo keep up with the ever-higher speeds of modern electric motors and drives, HBM (booth 10017) has launched the T40B torque sensor. This digital torque transducer delivers greatly increased revolutions per minute – up to 23,000rpm – for a selection of measuring ranges of 1, 2, and 3kNm, making it ideal for applications such as test benches, end-of-line testing and process monitoring.

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New small dyno

20 HP dyno Force ControlA new low-speed dynamometer for low-power applications will be the highlight of Force Control’s booth (10013) at Automotive Testing Technology Expo 2019. The 20HP low-speed, high-torque dynamometer load brake package with load cell is a compact load brake design that is perfect for loading final drives of lawn and garden machines, ATVs, heavy-duty torque wrenches, golf carts, industrial gearboxes, and more. It uses the company’s Oil Shear Technology to provide smooth, precise, controllable torque transfer with quick responses. It is also suitable for endurance testing (weeks or months) and or high cycle steps.

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