Electric drive technology to see boost from GKN and Delta Electronics


GKN Automotive and Delta Electronics are working together to advance the development of next generation integrated three-in-one e-drive systems. This will involve integrating Delta Electronics’ converters with GKN Automotive’s e-motor and gearbox systems. The work will focus on the development of two new integrated e-drive families for application across different torque classes for future hybrid and electric vehicles.

This partnership is expected to flourish as the two have similar goals, focusing on weight and packaging reduction, and simplifying OEM assembly processes for easier and better quality component installations.

Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN Automotive, said, “The e-drive market continues to accelerate as manufacturers are required to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations demanding technological progression and speed. Our collaboration with Delta represents a significant milestone in the expansion of our portfolio of scalable, integrated three-in-one e-drive solutions and our capabilities in rapidly bringing new cost competitive technologies to market.”

It is expected that the new three-in-one units will be ready for production for various vehicle types in three years. This will cover A-segment city cars to D-segment executive cars and SUVs, supporting a range of torque outputs from 2,000Nm to 3,800Nm, with nominal power outputs of between 80kW and 155kW.

Simon Chang, COO of Delta Electronics, added, “Delta is dedicated to enabling low-carbon green transportation by providing EV powertrain solutions and power electronics products, including traction inverters, traction motors, onboard chargers, DC/DC converters, and EV charging solutions to the market. We’re pleased to be working with leading company GKN Automotive in producing integrated e-drive units for the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.”


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