CamMotive opens world-class EV test lab in the UK

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CamMotive has opened a new testing laboratory in Cambridge, UK, to offer 17,000ft of test space and services for the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

The e-powertrain consultancy’s new facility will deliver test capability and expertise as the industry accelerates toward net-zero targets. It provides electric powertrain development services and test rigs including all-wheel drive hub dyno and chassis dynamometer test cells and electric motor, battery and fuel cell testing facilities.

CamMotive is an independent powertrain testing specialist working with Tier 1 automotive manufacturers, OEMs and research institutions involved in the development of battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles to validate, optimize and develop EV technologies.

In May this year, the company announced its partnership with Ford to carry out an evaluation program on hydrogen fuel cells to be used in a trial fleet of hydrogen-powered Ford E-Transit light commercial vehicles (LCV). The £16m (US$20m), three-year project is designed to increase the power and range of hydrogen powered LCVs, initially using a low-volume test fleet of fuel cell Ford E-Transits, and to prove a business case for their wider rollout.

A low-volume test fleet of eight fuel cell Ford E-Transits will run for six-month periods over the three-year project to 2025. Test fleet data will provide insights into the total cost of owning and operating a large van, with increased range and operating hours to match its diesel-powered equivalent and without the need to charge.

The prototype E-Transits will be fitted with a high-power fuel cell stack, in conjunction with hydrogen storage capability, optimized for safety, capacity, cost, and weight.

CamMotive was established to offer powertrain testing and development services specifically for the EV market. It is a sister company of Cambustion, which has provided equivalent services to the ICE-powered automotive market including hydrogen ICE vehicles since 1987.

“We have a long and rich heritage in powertrain development and testing spanning more than 30 years and this has enabled us to take the lead in supporting the emergence of battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles,” said Bruce Campbell, director of CamMotive.

“We’ve created a world-class testing house dedicated to the EV industry to enable us to fully meet the needs of this fast-growing and strategically important sector.”

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