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PerfectSampleGas Company AGT-PSG, has converted a meeting room into a YouTube studio to make videos explaining its emission testing products and heating and cooling hardware during social isolation. 

Jörg Erens, managing director, says, “The development and production of Sample Handling Equipment for Gas Measurements is a specialty itself, so we decided to explain our products in an interactive way – especially in time where many people are forced to stay home.” 

In the past week the company has uploaded ten product videos describing such things as its emission gas sampling probes, heated pipeand more.  

We’ve been active on YouTube and LinkedIn for years, but our industry hasn’t always proven to be a first mover in the past. If the current situation now leads to a rethink and thus all possibilities of digitization are used more intensively, this would be a positive effect from this challenging time, added Jörg. 

In addition to the videos the company is also offering video conferences with customers with the help of Microsoft teams who need further guidance on AGT-PSG product usage. 

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