Speaker Q&A: Jerry Beeney, FLIR Systems

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The business development manager, who will be presenting at Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, discusses current measurement tools and techniques used to measure high-speed targets, including thermal cameras and contact and non-contact temperature measurement systems.

What are the challenges of measuring high-speed targets?
My presentation in the Open Technology Forum at Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, will focus on the challenges in accurately measuring temperatures of high-speed targets. We will weigh up the advantages of thermal cameras over legacy contact and non-contact temperature measurement tools, and then compare thermal camera features such as cooled vs. uncooled infrared detectors, and different detector materials.

Why is this important for the industry?
Recording accurate thermal data is critical during the design and testing phase of a product. Infrared cameras can measure temperature across an entire scene, capturing thermal readings for each pixel. Infrared cameras can also provide fast, accurate, non-contact temperature measurement. By choosing the correct type of camera for your application, you will be able to gather reliable measurements at high speeds, produce stop-motion thermal images, and generate accurate thermal data.

How do hope you to improve current measurement methods?
Traditional temperature measurement tools such as thermocouples or spot pyrometers don’t offer the resolution or speed needed to fully characterize high speed thermal events. These tools are also impractical for measuring an object in motion or smaller devices and simply do not provide enough information to tell the full story of how products are responding thermally.

FLIR continues to bring innovative camera systems to market with increased pixel resolutions, faster frame rates, and improved feature sets. Whether through the design of new ROICs or using the latest detector materials, the company is committed to providing the automotive testing community with the tools it needs to quickly detect problems and ensure product safety.

Jerry Beeney will present in the Open Tech Forum at Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, which takes place on October 24-26, 2017, at the Suburban Collection Showplace.

September 5, 2017

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